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Falko Böcker – Head of Brand Marketing – JoyPac

Falko has been working in the games industry for over 14 years, specializing in Free To Play games for all platforms. Since 2009 he has been focused on bringing publishers and developers together, experiencing both sides over the years.

At JoyPac, he got hands-on with many projects as a Senior Publishing Manager, being involved with successful projects like ABC Runner from day one. In 2021 he took on the responsibility to lead JoyPac’s outreach to the industry as Head of Brand Management. Before joining JoyPac, Falko represented other acclaimed publishers such as Flaregames and Gamigo, as well as the talented teams in remote control production’s network of development studios.

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About JoyPac

JoyPac is an international mobile games publisher striving to bring joyful games to millions of players around the world. With a team of industry veterans located in Denmark, China, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, and Germany, JoyPac bridges the gap between West and East to create global smash hits.

These include Usaya’s quirky jumper “Tofu Girl” and Umami’s trivia hit “ABC Runner” with over 35 million and 10 million downloads respectively.

From the beginning our experienced team in China has helped international partners to conquer the charts of one of the most challenging, but also most lucrative markets. Beyond that the team has years of experience in worldwide publishing and our colleagues around the world closely collaborate on every new game, to help each title reach its potential in every market.

Our decentralized team in Europe allows us to assemble an international group of industry veterans. This team provides close local contact with our western partners in multiple time zones and languages.


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