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Riley Andersen – CEO – Umami Games

Hi, I’m Riley! The CEO of Umami Games. We Make hypercasual mobile games and are huge data-nerds! I have a background in game design, social media and statistics.

I used to work at Tactile making social media for their games before starting my own game studio. My first game studio lasted 10 months before we closed it down.

My most important lesson was that having the right team and a clear version is essential to succeed. At Umami Games, my second Game studio we have 1 clear vision. We are building a creative powerhouse with baddass data tools!

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About Umami Games

At Umami Games we entertained more than 10 million players in 2021! We raised $500k in our seed investment and are preparing to self-publish in Q1-2 of 2022.

Our biggest success is ABC Runner which was first on US Appstore and downloaded more than TikTok. We also made that have around 1 million downloads and we also have some interesting hybrid-casual titles coming out early 2022.

Besides making amazing games we are building a data-lake that help us visualize and analyze game data so we can make the best game experience for our players – and make as much money as possible!

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