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Umut ErmeçCo-founder & CEO – Tiplay Studio

I spent 10 years in the US before coming back to my hometown in Turkey, Denizli. After spending more than 7000 hours of lecturing audio engineering, I founded a startup in New York through NYU EdTech Incubator, Smart Professions.

I tried to link education with portfolios, not diplomas, so I produced audiobooks for publishers by supervising apprentices. I helped our apprentices create portfolios for launching successful careers as audiobook editors or recording engineers. Osman Tutum, Ahmet Öney and I started tiplay studio in Denizli in 2019. Employing 45 talents in Denizli, İzmir and Online WorkSpace (OWS) branches, I’m proud to say that tiplay studio has one of the best apprenticeship programs in the world as it generated the vast majority of our recruitment.

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About Tiplay Studio

Founded in Turkey in 2019, tiplay studio is a high-growth game development company which is currently employing more than 40 people and developing games in various genres and platforms including hypercasual, arcade idle and Snap games.

It launched four hit games so far: Water Shooty and Car Restoration 3D from internal studios, and Joust Run and Dodge Master from oFON, an accelerator program operated by tiplay studio and powered by Rollic (Zynga).

  • 3 physical branches: two in Denizli, one in İzmir, Turkey
  • A remote work platform: Online WorkSpace (OWS)
  • Accelerator program: oFON
  • 45 employees in three studios: Studio A, B, C, Ç, R

Released 4 hypercasual games:

  • Two releases with 20+ million downloads as tiplay studio
  • Two releases with 15+ million downloads from oFON

Expanding product line towards more casual genres:

  • Hybridcasual
  • Arcade Idle
  • Merge/puzzle
  • Simulation/Tycoon
  • Word
  • Snap Games
  • Steam (PC)

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