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Rabia Dinçer – Publishing Manager – YSO Corp

I am a publishing manager at YSO Corp and I enjoy growing partners around the globe and creating the next big hit with them.

With a passion for gaming and business development, creating partnerships and meaningful connections ensures together we deliver successful products that players love and are profitable.

My experience of working with top gaming studios from around the world, I’ll bring my expertise and we’ll win together. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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About YSO Corp:

YSO Corp has the team of best experts specialised in conception, development, design, and maintenance of mobile games and applications. Gaming is our hardcore passion.

We are edging ourselves, as we believe, to meet players around the world to entertain themselves through gaming. And we are here to inspire, conquer and make the best profits for our customers in marketing.

We are specialised in the creation of tailor-made solutions that offer creativity and success with cutting-edge technologies. We are your change.

Become part of this successful team, it takes only one click!

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