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Batuhan Avucan – Founder – Mobidictum

As an entrepreneur, my passion is business development, strongly combined with sales & marketing & management skills.

Thanks to my diverse background, I am someone who can come up with the most creative projects to build effective businesses. I am in the gaming industry, as a gaming enthusiast, I enjoy growing partners around the globe.

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About Mobidictum

We love mobile games and write great content about it. We have been helping game developers on the press side since 2015. In the beginning of 2020, we decided to separate B2B and B2C content and create

We are passionate about mobile game industry. In this site we are writing about industry news, guides and interviews.

There is a great value for that we see the mix of these three. We want this website to be a hub of game developers, where they can get updates about the industry, learn about tools that they can use and read other developer’s stories to get inspired.

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